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Spinal soft tissue injuries are the number one cause of acute and chronic pain, emotional upset, short and long-term financial distress and physical disability.

For far too long these injuries have been misunderstood to be ‘just’ a soft-tissue injury. Patients that cannot get spinal ligament injuries properly addressed and rehabilitated stand a very good chance of suffering from chronic pain.

As SmartInjuryDoctors, OPR Medical’s team has the ability to properly treat you by understanding the severity and the location of your injuries, which comes from proper diagnosis.

Since OPR is a certified SmartInjuryDoctor facility, it gives us the ability to provide strong evidence for work injury cases, and auto accident cases. Our experienced office staff is well versed in providing and completing the correct paperwork necessary for these difficult cases, partnered with our ability to pinpoint your injury which resulted from the accident. The OPR doctors and staff use our technology to objectively document both the injury and improvement in detail, based on the “Gold Standards” for these types of cases. We believe that our patients deserve nothing but the best, and being SmartInjuryDoctor certified helps us provide that high standard in specific care for your injury.



Have you been injured in an auto accident, on the job, or suffered a sports injury?

If you suffer from back or neck pain of any kind there is a good chance you have a Spinal Ligament injury that has not been discovered.

Ligaments hold the spine together. When they are injured it is called a Spinal Sprain.

A Sprain occurs when the ligaments stretch or tear. When the Spinal Ligaments are damaged, they allow the spine to significantly misalign while the spine is being used — which is the #1 reason why so many people suffer from back and neck problems.

These misalignments can be accurately and reliably measured by Spinal Kinetics’ Board Certified Medical Radiologists and the assistance of specialized computer technology.

Research shows us with Computerized Radiographic Measurement Analysis (C.R.M.A.), chances of an accurate spinal ligament diagnosis are exponentially higher. C.R.M.A. allows our doctors to more accurately and reliably determine the problem areas of the spine so the we can appropriately treat them.

This puts everyone on the same page and allows us to easily document your injuries. This is especially helpful to all parties if there is a medical legal situation involved.

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